Paintless Automotive Dent Repair Kit
Paintless Automotive Dent Repair Kit
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Paintless Automotive Dent Repair Kit

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You can repair your own minor dings and dents easily.

To use:

  1. Clean dented area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol
  2. Choose a pad that best matches the dent size
  3. Apply glue from a hot glue gun to pad
  4. Glue pad to center of dent
  5. Using the puller, pull the pad stem repeatedly to pull out dent
  6. Remove puller and pad
  7. Clean area with plastic scraper and alcohol to carefully remove glue residue
  8. Repeat as needed  to completely remove dent (it may take 3 or 4 pulls)


GREEN/PURPLE: A Basic SET (puller and pads)  
RED: A Deluxe SET (puller, pads, glue, glue gun, and body hammer)


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