Portable Mini Breathalyzer
Portable Mini Breathalyzer
Portable Mini Breathalyzer
Portable Mini Breathalyzer
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Portable Mini Breathalyzer

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Why Risk a Drunk-Driving Conviction? When a Quick Tester Could be Hanging on Your Keys?

This affordable mini breath-tester features green, yellow and red LED lights for quick indication of your current blood-alcohol reading. Pocket sized to take with you to parties, barbecues, graduation parties or special events. Keep one on your keys or in the glovebox of every vehicle! 

Power: 2 AAA Batteries (not included)

Size: 2.75 in x 1.5 in x .625 in

Color: Black


To Use: Wait 20 minutes after drinking, eating or smoking. Press and hold power button to warm up unit. When warm up is complete, blow into the device for 5 seconds then read the result.


  • GREEN LIGHT means you have a BAC level under 0.02% 
  • YELLOW LIGHT means your BAC level is between 0.02 and  0.05% 
  • YELLOW + RED LIGHT means your BAC level is above 0.05% BAC  

Package Contents:

1 x LED Alcohol Tester

1 x User Manual 


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NOTE: Please wait 20 minutes after eating, drinking or smoking before testing. Failure to do so may result in inaccurate results and damage the unit. Do not blow smoke into the machine. Our personal breathalyzer provides an approximate reading of blood alcohol content and is a quick reference for estimation purposes only. Readings may vary from those of law enforcement. State laws concerning acceptable blood alcohol levels vary. Test results should not be used to determine whether to drive or perform any dangerous act. Please do not drink and drive regardless of readings shown. Always have a designated driver when alcohol is being consumed. 

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